"Cindy took an impossible situation with my home and resolved it!! Not only did she find a buyer but did it so quickly with no hassle to me!! Cindy helped me when I needed it the most and no one else was willing! Cindy is truly a good, knowledgeable,hardworking and incredibly loyal agent!"

- Kellie Heckerson, Leawood, KS


"Cindy has excellent knowledge of the marketplace and assisted us in getting excellent prices for “both” of our homes! She offered much valuable advice when we were preparing the homes. She was diligent in following up on “all” the details prior to closing which was extremely important since we had multiple sales involved!

- Ed & Nancy Rodina, Kansas City, MO


"Cindy’s tenacity, professionalism and true interest in our needs have made us come back each time!! Her systems to keep the timing smooth was critical and she was always a step ahead of what we needed and wanted!! It’s because of her expertise, knowledge and caring attitude that has helped us in all “4” transactions we have worked with her!

- Dave & Heather Mihanovic

Our Relocation Specialist

"“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Cindy DiCianni as a Relocation Specialist. My family and I moved from Washington DC to the Kansas area about 6 years ago. We had no knowledge of, connections to, or family in this area as both my husband and I have always lived on the east or west coast. While doing preliminary research online, I contacted a few real estate agencies. Cindy was the first to respond to my questions and remained consistent in her willingness to help us. There was another agent who clearly had properties he wanted to sell us, but Cindy DiCianni was the only person who found us properties we wanted to BUY! Big difference! 
I must admit to my husband and I being rather high-maintenance in our expectations. We had 1 relocation trip that lasted 4 days and needed to find our "forever home" that would be ready for us in 90 days. No small task, but we also had very specific construction requests. Cindy used her amazing knowledge of builders to not only find us the perfect home, but one that hadn't even been listed yet. That's how deep her knowledge is! 
We did not know cities, counties or school districts; boundary issues, stable housing areas or even shopping areas. But we didn't need to. We had Cindy. She even helped us with the interior decorating of our new home, helping to act as a sounding board to the different aesthetic we found here in the Middle West. We are extremely grateful to Cindy for not only helping us find a home, but for making us feel at home.”

- Jenn & Kevin B, Leawood, KS